St. Johns

Welcome to Blue Sky!

(formerly known as Joy of Laundry)


Conveniently located in the heart of the St. Johns community in the Safeway Shopping Center on Syracuse Street. Right on the 4, 44, 75, 11 and 16 bus lines.


One stop laundering services:

• eco friendly

• newly renovated

• clean, quiet, fast

• free sanitizing feature

• multiple payment methods

• attended laundromat

• bilingual staff

• parking (bike or vehicle)

• secure drop zone/pick up lockers for
   wash n' fold customers

• kids play area

• text notification when your wash is done

• 24 hours camera surveillance


Drop off your laundry, let us do the work! Your items will be placed in a secure bin for pick up.




Blue Sky Eco Laundry is St. Johns’ premiere laundromat, and it’s unlike any laundromat you’ve ever seen! With state of the art Electrolux washers and dryers, you can do any amount of laundry from a little to a lot.


24 washers in 4 different sizes and 26 high capacity dryers means you don’t wait. Get washed and dried in 45 minutes or less, and get on with your day!



Electrolux 450 G-force washers are the most resource-efficient machines in the world. Our washers use less water than machines you’ve seen in other laundries, yet your clothes come out fabulously clean! The high extraction speed of the spin cycle is not only fun to watch, but your clothes exit the washer with less water in them. Drying your clothes is a snap, and with Electrolux’s patented EcoPower technology we save 12% of the energy used in competitors dryers.


The washers are equipped with a variety of cycle choices, from delicate to heavy soil to everything in between. Your largest items can fit in our super giant machines, too. Comforters, sleeping bags, duvet covers are easy work at BLUE SKY.



BLUE SKY saves you both time AND money. Here’s how:

We ran a test of a small load of wash done at BLUE SKY and at another local laundry. The wash cycle at BLUE SKY cost $3.00, and was complete in 17 minutes. We then dried the clothes is 14 minutes for a cost of 50 cents. Total time – 31 minutes, total cost $3.50.


We then took the same load to another laundry. The wash price was less, true, only $2.50. The wash completed in 28 minutes. The drying was another story. We paid $1.25 for 35 minutes of drying time and the clothes were still damp! Total time – 63 minutes, total cost $3.75.


And a FREE feature the others don’t have – all our washers have a sanitizing hot water rinse that cleans your washer before you load it! These are extremely clean washers and that means you have cleaner clothes!





10  18-lb (2 loads)

8    30-lb (3 loads)

4    60-lb (6 loads)

2   75-lb (8 loads)



20   30-lb

6     50-lb



• Credit/Debit – There's a card reader attached to every BLUE SKY washer and dryer.

• Blue Sky Laundry Card – Like a gift card, load it with funds and use it to start any washer or dryer. Ask us about how to get a great discount!

• Smartphone - Use Apple Pay on your iPhone 6, or download Android Pay on your Android Phone.

• Quarters –  We have a change machine.



BLUE SKY has a really cool kid's zone! Equipped with our antique classic rodeo pig, chalkboard, kids seating, safe and sturdy rubberized flooring and lots of fun toys!!! Grab a snack or a hot cup of coffee in the lounge while you wait. Enjoy our streaming music or hook up to our free WiFi network.



BLUE SKY uses Electrolux’s TMIS text messaging feature on our washers. Shop at Safeway or run your errands while you wash, the machines send a text when your laundry's got just ten minutes left, and then again when it's done. You can even check if there's a washer available before you leave the house, just text the word ‘status’ to our BLUE SKY number (503-704-7022).


Come see us in person!